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Embracing the Spirit Within Cover Embracing the Spirit Within describes life as a journey of discovery and revelation. It presents spirituality as a gratuitous and universal gift. Every one of us experiences an intense longing for union with some Greater Power. Deeper still is God’s yearning for us. And this mutual desire, the birthright of us all, is our spirituality.

This book is a remarkable blend of personal stories, biblical passages, poetry, and meditative reflections designed to awaken the reader to the transformations that characterize life and the unwavering Love that empowers us to reach our spiritual potential.

Touching on the various aspects of our sacred journey, it is a perceptive and candid testament to the power of the Spirit in the life of the ordinary person. At the heart of the book is a message that inspires and sustains all who read it: The more we trust our inner light, the greater our contribution to the world.


How to Order

To order Embracing the Spirit Within visit:

  • Friesen Press
  • Universal Church Supplies in Edmonton, AB (780-429-3153), or Saskatoon, SK (306-384-1924)
  • A Gift of Faith in Stony Plain, AB (780-963-1216)
  • Dove Christian Supplies in Lethbridge, AB (403-328-4309)
  • Mac’s Fireweed Books in Whitehorse, YT (867-668-6104)
  • Well-Read Books in Whitehorse, YT (867-393-2987)
  • Chapters Indigo

Available Formats

  • Hardcover: 978-1-77097-669-6
  • Paperback: 978-1-77097-670-2
  • E-Book: 978-1-77097-671-9


About the Author

E.V. Elder
Sr. Edith Elder’s journey took her from prairie classrooms to the fishing villages of northeast Brazil and on to the frontiers of the Yukon. Her rich and varied experiences enabled her to see the world through the eyes of children, the poor, and Yukon pioneers.

A recipient of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee medal and featured as one of four Yukon Women Leaders (2007), she continues to devote her energies to community service. She is a member of a religious community: Companions of Angela and Francis (Koinonia Association).


What People Are Saying About The Book

“A rich and varied testament to the power of the Spirit in all of life, from the pen of a wise and compassionate woman. I love the way she weaves personal experience with literature and scripture.”
Beverly Brazier, Whitehorse United Church

“What comes through in this book is God’s grace and love, and the gift to serve God and God’s pilgrim people.”
Gary Gordon, Bishop of Whitehorse

“I shared ministry with Sr. Edith Elder for many years. This book, arising out of her own rich experience as a woman, missionary, educator, and spiritual guide, will nourish every reader.”
Jim Bleackley, Sacred Heart Cathedral


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